Work Experience

Defiant - QA Support

OCT 2018 - Present

I provided support to customers of the Wordfence plugin.

During my time at Defiant, I created a webapp called WFDesk - which is described in more detail in the projects section.

My contributions -


Computer Science - University of Manitoba

SEP 2015 - MAR 2019

High School Diploma - Fort Richmond Collegiate

SEP 2011 - MAR 2014


WFDesk The Wordpress support forums were unorganized. You couldn't easily tell which threads you already answered, which threads were waiting for a response, or which threads were closed.

I created a webapp to scrape the Wordpress site, and reorganize the data so that my coworkers and I could easily look at which tickets were the most important, and which tickets we could close off.

A screenshot of the dashboard

An easy way for business owners to setup a landing page.

You just fill out some information such as the address, phone number, open hours - and the service will create a customized page.

For example:

Your customers can now visit that page and make appointments or find directions to your business.

Course Bank for the MLSA

The MLSA (Manitoba Law Student Association) wanted a way for students to easily share course material online. I designed a Wordpress embed to do just that.

The outline bank

This website allowed students to login with their email, and upload files organized by the course, year, or professor.

Square Guy - Android Game

An infinite platformer with unique controls. You move the environment instead of the player in order to dodge spikes and pitfalls!